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Rhodes Island

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Few places worldwide can match the beauty and the cosmopolitan aura of Rhodes. Unparalleled natural beauty is accompanied by rich historical and cultural tradition; there are not too many places that can boast of hosting one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the renowned Colossus.
Breathtaking ancient ruins, magnificent beaches, enchanting inland territory and a vivid lifestyle are some of the elements of Rhode’s combination, which has never failed to attract countless visitors from the farthest reaches of the globe.




Rhodes Island Attractions and Sightsrhodes-sights

Every corner of the “island of the Knights” as many call it, is either a captivating sight of natural beauty or an impressive monument of man’s feats in past ages and centuries. It is impossible to provide a full list of what is worth seeing in Rhodes without leaving out too much unworthy of missing, and even if one could come up with such a list, it is likely that it would take weeks of non-stop touring to see them all. Each monument echoes its own era and its own particular story as well, and both create its identity. As stated above, it is impossible for one to mention each monument separately, and therefore the ones mentioned here are merely indicative. There are medieval castles, mansions and palaces in the Old City of Rhodes and in other locations, the ancient cities of Rhodes, Embonas, Ialyssos, Lindos, and Salakos, impressive caves in Rhodes, Archangelos, Kalythies, Faliraki, and Salakos, Byzantine and post-Byzantine monasteries, the most important of which are those of “Taxiarchis Michail” in Tharri, “Profitis Elias” in Salakos and “Panagia Tsambika” in Archangelos), old churches and chapels all across the island, lush green landscapes amid natural springs, dense pine forests and enchanting beaches of unreal beauty that stretch their length along crystal clear waters. Furthermore, there are sights that cannot be included in any typical list, as their uniqueness denies categorizing. Some of these are the “Valley of the Butterflies”, a heavenly landscape, full of butterflies, ideal for promenades, the “Seven Sources”, an area with a lake, a cascade, and marvelous flora, the Aquarium, a collection exhibiting fish of the Greek seas. If this is any indication it is easy to understand why Rhodes holds a special place among the rest of the beautiful Greek islands, making a favorite among loved ones.

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